Every time more and more people agree with the fact that cinema, as an art form, should include and respect all types of people. This website, as stated in the home page, emphasizes the fact that some collectives are discriminated in society. Collectives like women, for instance.

Despite what we all know that cinema should be, there is discrimination agianst women in the industry.


One of this forms of discrmination is the little representation of women in the cinema industry.

Because, what many people are not aware of is that there are actually fewer, fewer female filmmakers than male ones.

Don’t believe me? Try to name famous directors. I bet most of them are men.


This is something to think about.


The problem comes from the old sexist traditions of the 20th century. Men used to occupy the positions in power, and cinema wasn’t an exception. Society has gained a bit of feminist perspective recently, but it is still uncommon to find women being directors, producers or even writers. 


So what do we do?

The situation is problematic. On one hand, it is educative and equitative, in terms of the expressed messages, to also have films and products made from the point of view of women. On the other hand, women who are in the industry and women who want to be in it can feel discouraged in this situation.


What we, as espectators, can do, is to support female filmmakers. By watching what they do, for instance; by making diffusion; etc.


So below we present some (good) female directors, worth checking out. We put one/two films for each director, as example.

(Without any particular order)


Celine Sciamma

“Portrait Of A Lady On Fire” (France, 2019)

“Girlhood” (France, 2014)

Sofia Coppola

“Lost In Translation” (USA-Japan, 2003)

“Somewhere” (USA, 2010)

Shirin neshat

“Women Without Men” (2009)

Patty Jenkins

“Wonder Woman” (USA, 2017)

Claire denis

“High Life” (France, 2019)

“Chocolat” (France, 1988)


Mary Harron

“American Psycho” (USA, 2000)

“I Shot Andy Warhol” (USA-UK, 1996)




Lone Scherfig

“An Education” (USA-UK, 2009)

“Italian For Beginners” (Denmark, 2000)

Greta Gerwig

“Lady Bird” (USA, 2017)










Of course, do not forget to get informed. There are plenty of more directors out there! Maybe the list will grow soon…

Do you agree with the list? Do you feel like there is someone who must be in it? Leave it in the comments!